A Closeness

by HRM on October 23, 2012

African Travelogue, part 2

Jean Baptiste Henri Deshays, The Monkey Painter

Our contributing editor, Lacey Haynes, recently traveled through Africa. We will be releasing weekly installments from her travel log.

Game Drive – Chobe National Park
Sunrise – Wednesday, 6:23

The baboons yell, warning their symbiotic mates, the impala, against encroaching predators. The long limbed and skittish impala and the squirrely and dexterous baboon seem an unlikely set of friends. A stray baboon, pink faced and bottomed, sits next to a pile of elephant dung. Emily says the elephants’ digestive system breaks down very little of what they actually consume. It’s a veritable packed lunch for the willing. The baboon’s fingers move with the precision of chop sticks, picking then eating all of the nutrients left behind.

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