Behind the scenes tour of 59 Rivoli

by HRM on April 23, 2012

59 Rivoli, legendary six-story squat in central Paris, is home for the next location of the Paris launch party. Here, film-maker Sam Gordon talks to Kate Beaver, volunteer at 59, about how this building evolved from a bank, to a squat, to one of the most visited and vibrant arts centres in Paris.


Vincent Moon, `the Happiest Man on Earth`

by HRM on November 28, 2011

Independent filmmaker Vincent Moon only needs a sleeping bag and his camera to do what he does. Right now he is in Indonesia, capturing the city’s music scene on tape.


Noces Ephemeres

by HRM on November 9, 2011

In his new movie Noces Éphémères, coming out in French movie theaters on the 9th of November, the director Reza Serkanian paints a picture of the traditional, the new, the desperate, the hopeful Iran.


James Franco and Allison Higgins

by HRM on November 1, 2011

Allison Higgins began to make work using James Franco’s image as a way to explore the question of celebrity, sincerity and identity. Ultimately, Franco’s image wasn’t enough: she needed to work with his work.


Just one week ago I returned to my hometown, a place in Western Germany, a place with family, memories, past. A place where you immediately become the former person you have been when you left…

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