In the beginning

by HRM on October 16, 2012

Sitting at the edge of the boardwalk built this year at the Chobe Game Lodge, I can see at least twenty-four elephants. Elephants! Three or more are babies. There are thirty or more skirting the periphery but they fade in and out of view.


I became an honourary member of the Suetude Society on a fortuitous, albeit slightly random, trip to Scotland. A week before leaving, I activated my dormant CouchSurfing account: it was through this that I met the Secretary and founding member of the Society: Topher Dawson, and his lovely family.


Interview with the founders of Atlantis

by HRM on November 21, 2011

There is something about Atlantis Books – hidden, handmade, nooks and crannies; the way it flirts with the imaginary – that makes it like a secret den. Perhaps this is fitting: the founders were just boys…


Seen from above, the Greek island of Santorini looks like a comma. At the northern most tip of this comma’s top is a village called Oia, and if you take the high road – a tiled walkway, whitewash walls, a blue-domed…


Exploring Balinese Art & Color

by HRM on November 7, 2011

Life in Bali is based on art. It’s so essential, that there is no word for “art” in Balinese. It is difficult to explain the relationship that the Balinese have with art to someone who has never seen it. The Balinese carve, weave and paint…


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