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Featuring First Story Ever Written by Alice Munro
Alice Munro

Left: Alice Munro (née Laidlaw) when she was still a student at UWO Centre: Alice Munro, photo by Jerry Bauer, has authored nearly 20 books Right: Cover of issue 11 of Her Royal Majesty"

Come one, come all, come celebrate the launch of the 12th issue of Her Royal Majesty. On May 11, 2012, there will simultaneous launch parties across the world. Take your choice between seven sites of revelry: Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Toronto, and Montreal.

These launch parties will unite the international community created by Her Royal Majesty, a Paris-based magazine founded in 2008 in Nova Scotia. Come celebrate literary and visual arts with performances, readings, live music, live painting, printing presses; we’ll drink, talk and be merry. It will be a golden, global evening.

Harriet Alida Lye

Harriet Alida Lye, Editor in Chief, and guest at the Paris launch of issue 11 at Le Carmen

Appearing in issue 12 is the very first short story ever written by Alice Munro – one of the greatest contemporary writers – in 1950, when she was only just beginning her career. The story has not been re-printed since its publication in her undergraduate journal. Her Royal Majesty is devoted to publishing new excellent artwork by talented emerging artists. Each issue is curated around a particular theme – this one is The Exotic.

Contributing artists and writers interpret The Exotic in a variety of ways: being a foreigner, encountering the unexpected, jungles, travel, strangeness, endangered species, missionaries. Alice Munro’s story, “The Dimensions of a Shadow,” is about a teacher, new in town, who walks home on the last day of school, alone with her imagination and fears.

This story will be read aloud by a young writer or actor at each party. Upon arrival, guests will receive a print of a hand-painted playing card (made by Rosy Lamb, see photo) in exchange for a donation to cover the costs of the event. If you receive the Queen of Hearts, you get a print by the artist.

THE LOVERS, by Matthew Rose, published in issue 12

THE LOVERS, by Matthew Rose, published in issue 12

MAY 11, 2011: LAUNCH OF ISSUE 12
PARIS: 59Rivoli. Contact: Harriet Alida Lye
LONDON: London Review Bookshop.
BERLIN: Idrawalot Gallery & Showroom. Contact: Lacey Haynes
NEW YORK: Contact: James Williams
TORONTO: Placebo Space. Contact: Rose Lipton
MONTREAL: Drawn & Quarterly. Contact: Will Fitzpatrick

James Franco, Robert Hass, Sheila Heti, Anne Marsella, Ibrahim Abdel Meguid and Alice Munro all have or will be published in Her Royal Majesty. Issue 12 features work by Anne Simpson, Matthew Rose, Stuart Dischell, and more. We believe in pairing more established artists and writers with young, emerging talent.

Her Royal Majesty is printed biannually and our website is updated twice a week. While the journal publishes only creative content – fiction, poetry, paintings, photography, etc. – our website focuses on the critical side of art with reviews, interviews and essays, as well as art that cannot be printed, such as videos and music. Our website was named one of the top 10 magazine websites, alongside The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Pre-order your copy of issue 12 now, buy it at one of our seven launch parties on May 11, or in one of the excellent bookshops where we’re stocked.

You can find the hand-numbered journal (1-500) at:
Shakespeare & Company, Paris
Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
Do You Read Me?, Berlin
Atlantis Books, Santorini
Type Books, Toronto
McNally Jackson, New York
St Mark’s Bookstore, New York
Drawn & Quarterly, Montreal
Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax

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