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by HRM on November 6, 2012

African Travelogue, part 4

Martin Johnson Heade, Cattleya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds

Our contributing editor, Lacey Haynes, recently traveled through Africa. We will be releasing weekly installments from her travel log.

Kasane Airport to the Okavango Delta – Botswana
Thursday, Mid-afternoon

We fly in a small plane to the Okavango Delta; a marshy land of tributaries and long reeds. Far below our seven seater plane, the tawny Red Lechwe antelope grazes at the water’s edge. When I met our pilot Iman, she said she liked my jandals. I decided I could replace the j with an s because a) she looked at my feet and b) they are pretty great. We land on a large patch of grass that sits between the water and the camp. Two guides meet us with smiles and we walk, passing through a fence that is designed only to keep out elephants. The remote camp sleeps only twenty-four guests, along with the lions and snakes that visit in the night. We drink cold mango juice and meet Toffee, Chillie and Candy. It’s all as sweet as it sounds.

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